This Entire Site  was  made  possible  by  the years of endless dedication and  hard  work  done  by  Mr. Gene Gladson  who passed away in 1992 at the age of 63, after dedicating the majority of his adult life to the historical research of theatres throughout the state of Indiana. His many efforts to save the Lyric Theatre and all of it’s glory and history proved futile. 

Gene had stated in an interview in 1982, that when he left this world he wanted to leave a mark no one else has…”Someday when everyone has their own satellite on their roof and nobody goes out for entertainment anymore, someone will ask  What is a Theatre ?  and my information will be there!

To help defray the operating cost you can purchase a copy of Gene’s book by clicking the link below  which was published in  1976 entitled ” Indianapolis Theatres A  to  Z “, includes Theatres and Drive – Ins  170 pages  of  Indianapolis Theatre History.

Indianapolis Theatres A to Z