It is believed that each of these acts appeared for 1 week engagements

October 14

The Juggling Normans, Cowboy Minstrels, and 5 Big acts. Mary Dorr, Green & Greene, De Noyer & Danie, Sullivan & Considine Vaudeville. A moving picture was taken on opening night of all persons passing in and out of the theatre, and was to be shown the following Sunday.

October 20

Special 3 Shows daily Film Nat C. Goodwin as “Fagin” in “Oliver Twist” produced by H. A. Spanuth,   Matinee 10 cents Entire House  Nite 10-20 cents

October 21 

Billie Burke presents 5 models Jardin DeParis and 5 other acts

October 28

5 Big Acts, “Happy Jack Gardner & Co”, Vilde Trio, Gode and Gelt, The Flying Catos, Juhass  matinee.. All Seats 10 cents

November 4

Managers will open the Lyric at noon each day and present motion pictures until the first afternoon stage show.

6 Patterson Troupe, Ozavs Comedy and Burlesque Show, Jugglers, Brown and Foster, Fred Gibson and Company, Hugo Lilgine

November 11

Australian Wheelers, Valroy Major, Helen Pingree and Company, Stones and Hayes, The Cabaret Review

November 18

Claude Pauf, Caine and Oden, Gilmore & Latour, Deaves Manikino, Four Van Staats, The chorus girls refuse to play in short skirts…

November 25

Lopez and Lopez, Agnes Lee and Company, Joder and Rogers, The Wheelers, The Mysterious Lora. Scenes of the recent C.4 & D railroad wreck will be shown on the screen

December 2

5 All-Star Acts  featuring, Brindamour (World famous handcuff manipulator), LeeTung Foo, The Greater City Four, Gross & Gross and Samazoa. Film: Recent fire that destroyed the Van Camp Packing Company.

December 9

The Girl from Shanleys “Tabloid Musical Comedy”, Great Western & Company, Devoy and Dayton, Curtis Sisters, Huegel and Sylvester

December 16

La Grecia and Gordon, Eula Lee Quarette, George Nagley and Company, Billy Windom, Coins Dogs

December 23

Kelso Brothers, Dixie Christen, Stewart-Desmond and Company, Tom Hefron, Ruby Lusby, Justin Cooper

December 30

Somers and Storke, The Three Waynes, The Four Casters, George Hillman, Shale and Cole