January 12

Screen: ” Money To Burn ” starring James, Lucille and Russell Gleason and Harry Davenport

Stage: Andy Devine, Dead End Kids, Billy Halop, Bobby Jordon, Jackie Searl, Florence Halop, Bob McCluny, Davis Gorcey, Four Franks, Calbas Olympic Girls, Doris Mae and Gilbert Forbes of WFBM

January 19

Screen: ” High School ” starring  Jane Withers and Joe Brown Jr.

Stage: Ted Lewis Orchestra, The Radio Aces, Marie Hollis, The Dennis Sisters, The Hackers, Betty Jane Smith, Swing Octette featuring Muggsy Spamer and Charlie “Snowball” Whitter

January 26

Screen: ” He Married His Wife ” starring Joel Mc Crea and Nancy Kelly

Stage: Marie Wilson, Rita Rio & Her NBC All Girl Orchestra, Toby Wing, Faith Bacon, Maude Hilton and Sylvia & Clemence

February 2

Screen: ” My Son Is Guilty ” starring Bruce Cabot and Jacqueline Wells

Stage: Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, Frank Sinatra, Dorsey Quartet, Lorraine & Rogan and Winfield & Ford

Frank Sinatra actually had his debut performance at the Lyric Theatre click here to read a letter from his publicity manager Jack Egan concerning his performance

February 9

Screen: ” The Return of Dr. X ” starring Wayne Morris, Rosemary Lane, Humphrey Bogart, Dennis Morgan

Stage: Dick Powell, Al Shaw & Sam Lee, Cookie Bowers, 3 Billmorettes, Gil & Bernice Maison, The Faludy Troupe

February 16

Screen: ” Wolf of New York ” starring Edmond Lowe and Rose Hobart

Stage: Benny Goodman Orchestra featuring Lionel Hampton, Ziggy Elman, Helen Forrest, Toots Mondello, B. G. Trio, B. G. Sexlette, Gene Sheldon and Gloria Day

Benny Goodman

February 23

Screen: ” Village Barn Dance ” starring Lulubelle & Scotty, Don Wilson, Doris Day

Stage: Nils Thor Granlund, Jackie Heller, Eddie, Jack & Betty, Big Line Crip, Diamond Brothers, Sylvia Mc Kaye, Chiquita, Jitterbug Champs and Princess Sonya

March 1

Screen: ” Convicted Woman ” starring Rochelle Hudson and Freida Inescort

Stage: Hal Kemp Orchestra, The Smoothies, Bob Allen, Janet Blair, Jackie Le Marie, Johnny Cyr, Lane and Lane, Staplelons

Hal Kemp

March 8 

Screen: ” Slightly Honorable ” starring Pat O’Brien, Edward Arnold and Broderick Crawford

Stage: Paul Whitman Orchestra, Joan Edwards, 4 Modernaires, Charles Teagarden, Bob Hannon, Al Gollodoro, Goldie, Sax-Sox-tette, Mike Pingatore, George Wettling and Marquith Rivera

March 15

Screen: ” Green Hell ” starring Douglas Fairbanks and Joan Bennett

Stage: ” Flying Down To Rio Revue ” with Andree Andrea, The Rhythmeers Orchestra, Don Salvan, Elmer Cleve, Professor Cheer, Marilyn Keller, Novak & Fay, Jimal, The Escorts & Betty

March 22

Screen: ” Danger on Wheels ” starring Andy Devine and Richard Arlen

Stage: Penthouse Serenade, Al Trahan. Christiana Troupe, O’Donnell & Blair, Oehman Twins, Santos & Company and Kermit Dart & The Lyric Stage Band

March 29

Screen: ” Hooting High ” starring Jane Withers and Gene Autry

Stage: Edgar Kennedy, Three Romeo’s, Whitey & Ed Ford, Great Ballantine and Irene Vermillion with Hester Barty Bullet

April 5

Screen: ” Free, Blonde and 21 ” starring Lyn Bari and Mary Beth Huges

Stage: Guy Lombardo Orchestra ( first appearance at the Lyric), Lombardo Trio, Vic Hyde, Vickie Allen

Guy Lombardo

April 12

Screen: ” Viva Cisco Kid ” starring Cesar Ronero and Jean Rogers

Stage: Wayne King Orchestra, The Tanner Sisters, Chic and Lee and Lynn, Royce and Vanya

April 18

Screen: ” Zanzibar ” starring Lola Lane and James Craig

Stage: Boone County Jamboree, Lulu Belle & Scotty, Lazy Jim Day, Tex Owens, Girls of the Golden West, Helen Diller, Novelty Aces, Hal O’Halloran, Charlie Wayne Dameron, Luff Harkness, Paul Arnold, Hugh Cross and Shug Fisher

April 26

Screen: ” In Old Missouri ” starring Weaver Brothers and Elviery

Stage: Jan Garber Orchestra, Sibyl Bowman, Buster West & Lucille Page, Chuck Gagon, Lee Bennett, Jean Gordon, Fritz Heilron, Rudy Rudisill

May 3

Screen: ” Star Dust “ starring Linda Darnell and Charlotte Greenwood

Stage: Follies d’ Nuit, Eva La Bastien, Waller and Lee, Alphonse Berge, Three Oxford Boys, Bernhardt & Ketrow, Grandma Perkins and The  American Ambassadors Orchestra

May 10

Screen: ” Dark Command ” starring Walter Pidgeon, John Wayne, Roy Rogers and George Hayes

Stage:  Variety Revels Paul Remos & Toy Boys, The Three Swifts, Aunt Jemina, The Bricklayers and Libonate Trio

The Dark Command

May 17

Screen: ” Saps At Sea ” starring Laurel & Hardy

Saps at Sea

Stage: George Olsen Orchestra, The Bachelors, Bob Rice, Ronnie Mansfield, Jack Cliffo

May 24

Screen: ” Earthbound ” starring Warner Baxter, Andrea Leeds

Stage: ” Vodvil Cavalcade ” with Charles Kemper, ken Nichols, Bernard Brothers & The Faraday Girls, george Lyons, Smith, Rogers & Eddy, The De Cardos and Lester Cole & His Orchestra

May 31

Screen: ” The Crooked Road ” starring Edmond Lowe and Irene Hervey

Satge: Henry Busse Orcheatra, Ruth Petty, Billy Sherman, Ducky Young and Willie & Eugene Howard

June 7

Screen: ” Women in war ” starring Elsie Janis and Wendy Barrie

Stage: Bob Crosby &  The Dixieland Orchestra, Doris Day, Bob Cats- Ray Bauduc and Jess Stacy, Bobby Haggard, Eddie Miller, Nappie Lemare, Sinclair Sisters, Shea & Raymond and Goodrich & Nelson

June 14

Screen: ” 21 Days Together : starring Vivien Leigh and Laurence Oliver 

Stage: Major Bowes 6th Anniversary Revue, Stubby Kaye, Francis Gibby, Paul Jones, Two Harmaniacs, 5 Jersey Cowboys, Mr & Mrs Fred Sparks, Strawberry Russell, george Grant, Three Flashes, Lee Jackson, Bill Boaday and The Bridgeport 4

June 21

Screen: ” La Conga Nights ” starring Hugh Herbert and Constance Moore

Stage: ” Broadway Passing Show ” Nellie Arnaut & Brothers, Nice,Florio & Alice, Ward & Van, Bobby Henshaw, Joe Arena & company, The Rutons Marianna, Broadway Debutantes and Bob Wildley and His Misic

June 28

Screen: ” Lucky Cisco Kid ” starring Cesar Romero and Mary Beth Hughes

Stage: “Jubilee Follies ” Joe Termini, Miss Jean & Joe Clayton, Ben Beri, Rodney & Gould, Billy Samuel, Sid Marion, Cliff hall, Princess Cheyo

July 5

Screen: ” Hot Steel ” starring Richard Arlen and Andy Devine

Stage: Ben Bernie Orchestra, Donald Saxon, The Baily Sisters, Johnny Ryan, The Nelsons and Bellett & English Brothers

July 12

Screen: ” Manhattan Heartbeat ” starring Joan Davis and Robert Sterling

Stage: Variety Hit Parade, Reynolds & White, DeVal – Merle – & Dee, The Singing Marines with Blanche Bradley, The Six Hoffmans, Milt Douglas with Priscilla and Chilton & Thomas

July 19

Screen: ” Love Honor and Oh Baby ” starring Wallace Ford and Mona Barrie

Stage: Sammy Kaye Orchestra, Tommy Ryan, Charlie Wilson, Jimmie Brown, Clyde Burke, 3 Kadets, 3 Nonchalants, The Dancing Debs and Chris Cross

Sammy Kaye

July 26

Screen: ” Wagons Westward ” starring Chester Morris, Anita Louise and Buck Jones

Stage: Red Nichols Orchestra, Cass Daley, Three Arnolds, Fenwick & Cook and Tommy Martin

August 2

Screen: ” Three Faces West ” starring John Wayne and Segrid Gurie

Stage: Benny Meroff Orchestra, Ken and Roy Paige, The Wynn Twins, Buddy Green, Dolly Bell & 4 Buster Browns, The Eight daughters of Satan, Betty Atkinson, Al Spiro, Hector & Pals and Don Rice

August 9

Screen: ” Scatterbrain ” starring Judy Canova and Eddie Foy Jr.

Stage:  “Sunny Side UP ” Carl Freed and HIs Harmonice Rascals, Nan rae & Maude Davis, Billie Burns & Dennis White, The Ryan’s, Helene Denizon, Andrew De Wald & Madeline and 12 High Stepping Beauties

August 16

Screen: ” Girl from Avenue A “ starring Jane Withers and Kent Taylor

Stage: Clyde Mc Coy Orchestra, The Bennett Sisters, Wayne Gregg, Dean Murphy, Martello & Mingnon, Walton & O’Rourke and The Six American Whirlwinds

August 23

Screen: ” The Man I Married ” starring Joan Bennette and Lloyd Nolan

Stage: The Ritz Brothers, Gloria Blake, Yo-Yo, Charles Newman, Dorthy Hild Ballet

August 30

Screen: ” Young People ” starrring Shirley Temple and Jack Oakie 

Stage: La Conga Fiesta with Carlos Molina Orchestra, Will & Gladys Ahern, Carroll Howe, Theodora & Denesha, Josephine  Delmar, Conchita and Lucia Garcia

September 6

Screen: ” Pier 13 ” starring Lynn Bari and Lloyd Nolan

Stage: ” The Bowery Follies ” with The Duncan Sisters, The 4 Clovers, Jack La Vera & Company, Ward & Milford, Joe Wallace, Sondra Miller, Mel Hall & Company, The Beef Trust Duo and Flora Dora Girls

September 13

Screen: ” Sing, Dance Plenty Hot ” starring Ruth Terry and Billy Gilbert

Stage:  Blue Barron Orchestra featuring Russ Carlisle, Charlie Fisher, Alan Holmes, 3 Blue Notes, Ronnie Snyder, The Six Debonaires, Joe May & Company, Wilky & Dare

September 20

Screen: ” The Leather Pushers ” starring Richard Arlen and Andy Devine

Stage: George Jessel, Rochelle Hudson, Jean Parker, Isabel Jewel, Sterri Duna, Lya Lys, Betty Jane Cooper and Jean Gary

September 27

Screen: ” Up In The Air ” starring Frankie Darro and Marjorice Reynolds

Stage: Ozzie Nelson Orchestra, Harriet Hillard, Rosanne Stevers, Don Cummings, The Three Toppers and Barton & Stone

October 4

Screen: ” Queen Of The Yukon ” starring Irene Rich and Charles Bickford

Stage: Phil Spitalny Orchestra, All Girl Orchestra, Maxine, Evelyn, Rosa Linda & Lola, 3 Little Words and The Famous Glee Club

October 11

Screen: ” The Gay Caballero “ starring Cesar Romero and Robert Sterling

Stage:  Ina Ray Hutton and Her 14 Men Orchestra, Hubbard, Bird and La Rue, Fid gordon, 5 Juggling Jewels and Evelyn Farney

October 18

Screen: ” Father Is A Prince ” starring Grant Mitchell and John Litel

Stage: “Major Bowes Talent Parade” with Steven Phillips, Robert Mellin, 4 Harmonica esquires, Jesse James, The 2 Berlay Sisters, The Rigoletto Trio, Dickey Ludwig, Sonya & Alex, Ginny Wayne, Hank Woods and Cyril Smith 

October 25

Screen: ” Melody And Moonlight ” starring Jerry Colonna and Jane Frazee

Stage: Laurel & Hardy with The Danny Dare Girls

November 8

Screen: ” The Great Profile ” starring John Barrymore

Stage: The Russ Morgan Orchestra with Bob Hall, Jimmy Lewis, Paul Roberts, The Three Freshmen, Jimmy & Mildred Mulclay, Carol Kay, The 3 Killers and WFBM Talent Winner Paul Krause III

November 15

Screen: “Hit Parade of 1941 ” starring Kennt baker, Frances Langsford

Stage: “Hollywood on the Loose ” with Arlen Whilan, Alexander D’Arey, Shaw and Lee, Ginger Manners, Joe Morris, George King, Sammy Wolfe, Les Carsons, 3 Flashes & A Splash, Judith Allen & Carlisle and The WFBM Talent Winners

November 22

Screen: ” A Dispatch From Reuters ” starring Edward G. Robinson and Eddie Albert

Stage: ” 1941’s New Idea Revue “ with Adrian Rollini Trio, The 6 Grays, Timmy & Freddy, The Freddysons, Adriana &  Charly and The WFMB Talent Winners

November 29

Screen: ” East of the River ” starring John Garfield and Brenda Marshall

Stage: Edmond Lowe, Ann Devorak, Lawrence Welk Orchestra, jane Walton, Jerry Burke and The WFBM Talent Winners

December 6

Screen: ” South of Suez ” starring George Brent and Brenda Marshall

Stage: “Hollywood Hotel Revue ” with The Diamond Brothers, Bobby Morris, 6 Harvest Moon Champ and The WFBM Talent Winners

December 13

Screen: ” She Couldn’t Say No ” starring Roger Pryor and Eve Arden

Stage: The Ted Williams Orchestra, Perry Como,Elmo tanner, Red Ingle, Marvel Maxwell, Arm Downs, Ames and Arno, Mardoni, Rollo and Verna Pickett

December 20 

Screen: ” Lady With red Hair ” starring Miram Hopkins and Claude Rains

Stage: Larry Clinton Orchestra with Terry Allen, Peggy Mann, Jimmy Currie, Carr Brothers, The WFBM Talent Winners and Elaine Barrie

December 27

Screen: ” Behind The News ” starring Doris Davenport and Lloyd Nolan

Stage: ” New Years Revue ” with Nick Lucas, Sid Page with Peggy Earle, Alan Carney, Barr & Estes, The Five Herzogs, WFBM Talent Winners  Lancaster & Blue