January 3

Screen: ” Jennie ” starring Virginia Gillmore and George Montgomery

Stage: ” The Marcus Show ” with Sofia Alvarez, Florence Hin Low, Leon Miller, Harold Boyd & His Jig Saws, Flagg & Arnold, The Three Duos, Dorthy Coudy, Lee Royce, Ha Cha San, Ruth Darrell, Bob White

January 10

Screen: ” Michael Shayne Private Detective ” starring Lloyd Nolan and Marjorie Weaver

Stage: The Raymond Scott Orchestra, The R. S. Quintet, Clyde Burke, Al Bernice, Masters and Rollins, Wilfred Dubois, and The WFBM Talent Parade

January 17

Screen: ” Hudson’s Bay ” starring Paul Muni and Gene Tierney

Stage: The Lyric Hit Parade ” with Johnny Burke, Hubert Castle, Gregory & Raymond with Cherie, The Balabanows, Ruth Barnes, Asher – Bauman Rhythmettes and The WFBM Talent Winner Jim Gilbreath

January 24

Screen: ” Barnyard Follies ” starring Rufe Davies and The De Zurick Sisters

Stage: ” Shoot The Works ” with Ezra Buzzington and His Band with Duke Kimball & Sylvester Hawkins, 16 ranchers & The Ranchettes, Randolph Avery, Wally Brown & Annette Ames, Monroe Brothers, Bud Carlisle & Company and The WFBM Talent Winner Robert Penley

January 31

Screen: ” Meet The Missus ” starring Roscoe Karns and Ruth Donnelly

Stage: The Gray Gordon Orchestra with Meredith Blake, Art Perry, Chet Bruce, The 5 Elgins, The Dancing Co – Eds, Bud Harris & Company, Kitty Murry and The WFBM Talent Winner The Tipton Trio

February 7

Screen: ” Honeymoon for Three ” starring Ann Sheridan and George Brent

Stage: ” Stars Over Hollywood ” with Simone Simon, Dorothea Kent, Eddie Foy Jr., Shirley Diane, Roy Rogers ( No not that one ), Mercer Brothers, Zerby and Wiere, The Melody Men, and The WFBM Talent Winner

February 14

Screen: ” Tall, Dark and Handsome ” starring Cesar Romero and Milton Berle

Stage: ” Will Rock ” Thurston Show Mysteries of India with Sid Jomack & The Reis Brothers, Charlie Althoff, Gautier’s Steeplechase and The WFBM Talent Winner Audhrie Wright

February 21

Screen: “Road Show” starring Adolph Menjou and Carole Landis

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February 28

Screen: ” Fathers Son ” starring John Litel and Fredia Inescort

Stage: The Andrew Sisters, Joe Venuti, Don Darcy, Kay Star, Pat Menning & Company, Jimmy Rae and The WFBM Talent Winner Ben Constable

March 7

Screen: ” Flight From Destiny ” starring Geraldine Fitzgerald and Thomas Mitchell

Stage: The Jan Savitt Orchestra featuring Allan DeWitt, Jack Palmer, 4 Toppers, Al Lepol, Joe Besser & Company, Val Setz, Don & Betty Lynn and The WFBM Talent Winner Helen Kendall

March 14

Screen: ” The Great Mr. Nobody ” starring Eddie Albert and Joan Leslie

Stage: The Ray Kinney Orchestra featuring Meymo Holt, Alfred Apaka, George Keinapaw, The Aloha Maids, The Emerald Sisters, The Three Pitchmen and The WFBM Talent Winner Walter Chambers

March 21

Screen: Murder Among Friends ” starring Marjorie Weaver and John Hubbard

Stage: “Screwballs of 1941 ” The Bughouse Orchestra, The Four Franks, Al Verdi, Ted Lester, Don Rice, Wilbur Hall, The 5 Ambassadors, The Eve Ross Girls, Jack Powell and The WFBM Talent Winner Eddie Land

March 28

Screen: ” A Man Betrayed ” starring John Wayne and Francis Dee

Stage: The Ray Noble Orchestra, Snooky Lanson, Lynn, Lee & Lou, Frank Paris, The Gaudsmith Brothers and The WFBM Talent Winner Norma Adams

April 4

Screen: ” Sleepers West ” starring Lloyd Noland and Lynn Bari

Stage: The Ciro Rimac Orchestra, featuring Alzira Camargo, Charley Boy, Chinita, Estrillita Pena, Mills King and Ray, Lester Cole, Park & Clifford and The WFBM Talent Winner Cliff White

April 11

Screen: ” Shot In The Dark ” starring William Lundigan and Nan Wynn ( April 15 was the Laugh quiz broadcast from Stage on local radio station WFBM)

Stage: Sammy Kaye Orchestra featuring Tommy Ryan, Charlie Wilson, Arthur Wright, The 3 Kadets, The Statler Twins, Walter Dare Wahl and WFBM Talent Winner Billy DeWolfe

April 18

Screen: ” Ride On Vaquero ” starring Cesar Romero and Lynn Roberts

Stage: The Boone County Jamboree featuring Lulubelle & Scotty, Lazy Jim Day, Girls of the Golden West, Happy Hal O’Halloran, Natchee, High Cross, Shug Fisher, Curly Fox & Texas Ruby, Grandpappy Doolittle, Bill & Evalina, Bus Barton and The WFBM Talent Winners The Hoosier Co-Eds (The Laugh quiz broadcast from Stage on local radio station WFBM 8:30 – 9:00 P.M.)

April 25

Screen: ” Sis Hopkins ” starring Judy Canova and The Bob Crosby Orchestra

Stage: ” The Ray Herbeck Orchestra featuring Betty Benson, Ray Olson, Guy McComas, George Van, Benny Stabler, Peg Leg Bates, Ross & Bennett and The WFBM Talent Winner Joe Grant ( The Laugh quiz broadcast from Stage on local radio station WFBM 8:30 – 9:00 P.M.)

May 2

Screen: ” Mr. District Attorney ” starring Dennis O’Keefe and Peter Lorre

Stage: ” The Eddie Duchin Orchestra featuring Lew Sherwood, Tony Leonard, June Robbins, Johnny Drake, The Three Ear Benders, Merriel Abbott, The International Dancers with Valerie Thon, The Three Nonchalants and The WFBM Talent Winner Delores Stewart (The Laugh quiz broadcast from Stage on local radio station WFBM 8:30 – 9:00 P.M.)

May 9

Screen: ” Rookies On Parade ” starring Bob Crosby and Ruth Terry

Stage: The Dick Jurgens Orchestra featuring Harry Cool, Buddy Moreno, Carol Brandt, Lou Quadling, Frank Sehrer, Rita and Ed Oehman, The Lane Brothers, Bob Neller and The WFBM Talent Winner Evelyn Toner (The Laugh quiz broadcast from Stage on local radio station WFBM 8:30 – 9:00 P.M.)

May 16

Screen: ” Lady from Louisiana ” starring John Wayne and Ona Munson

Stage: The Pinky Tomlin Orchestra with Slim Timblin, The Starlets, Gil & Bernice Marison and The WFBM Talent Winner Jean Ruth (The Laugh quiz broadcast from Stage on local radio station WFBM 8:30 – 9:00 P.M.)

May 23

Screen: ” Missing Ten Days ” starring Rex Harrison

Stage The Lou Breese Orchestra featuring Skys Morr, Barry Warren, The Breese Makers along with Harry Bason of local radio station WIRE, Cass Daley, The Stevens Brothers and The WFBM Talent Winner The 3 Cheers

May 30

Screen: ” Strange Alibi ” starring Arthur Kennedy and Joan Perry

Stage: The Horace Herdt Orchestra with Larry Cotton, Frankie Carle, Fred Lowery, Burton Pierce, Red Ferrington, Ollie O’Toole, Donna and Her Don Juans, Ronnie Kemper, Jerry Bowne, Mimi Cabanne, Bernie Mattinson, Buddy Saffer, The 3 Trumpeters, The Glee Club, Buzz Adlan and Frank DeVol. Horace Herdt hold the house attendance record.

June 4

Screen: ” The Cowboy and the Blonde” starring Mary Beth Hughes and George Montgomery

Stage: ” The Grandfather Follies ” with Rex Weber, Flora Duane, The Gaiety Gilrs, Van Kirk, The Equillo Brothers, The 3 trojans and The WFBM Talent Winner Tom Howard

June 13

Screen: ” Angels With Broken Wings ” starring Binnie Barnes and Gilbert Roland

Stage: The Ted Lewis Orchestra, Charlie Snowball Whitter, The Le Ahn Sisters, Geraldine Ross & Jean Blanche, Kay, Katya and Kay, Gladys Tell and Louise Gleen

June 20

Screen: ” Thieves Fall Out ” starring Eddie Albert and Joan Leslie

Stage: The Ted Fio Rito Orchestra featuring Candy Candido, Allan Cole, Frank Flynn, Bert Traxler, The Three Chicks, Joe & Jane McKenna, Gale Gali, Nick and Vickie Collins and The WFBM Talent Winner Gloria Gibson

June 27

Screen: ” Singapore Woman ” starring David Bruce and Brenda marshall

Stage: Gertude Nieson, Rajah Raboid, Professor Lamberta, Bob Dupont, Don & Jane Forde, The Winter Sisters, William Watson, Dick Gordon and The Lyric Stage Band

July 4

Screen: ” Puddin Head ” starring Judy Canova

Stage: Billy Gilbert, Rajah Raboid, Britt Wood, Helen Nonan, The Nelson Sisters, Dick Gordon and The Lyric Stage Band

July 11

Screen: ” Passage from Hong Kong ” starring Lucille Fairbanks and Keith Douglas

Stage: The Phil Harris Orchestra with Patricia King, Ames & Arno, Paul Winchell and The Billinglors

July 18

Screen: ” Paper Bullets ” starring Joan Woodbury and Jack La Rue

Stage: “Wake Up America ” with Guy Lamb, The 12 Commanders with Lorraine West, 12 Dancing Cadets, The Abins, Claire & Hudson and Betty Lee

July 25

Screen: ” Shinning Voctory ” starring James Stephenson and Geraldine Fitzgerald

Stage: Jerry Colona, Lathrop & Lee, Ted Leary, Nelsons Marionettes, Monroe & Grant, The Three Cheers and Ed Resner and The Lyric Stage Band

August 1

Screen: ” Kisses for Breakfast ” starring Dennis Morgan and Jane Wyatt

Stage: The Little Jack Little Orchestra featuring Kathleen Quinn, Kirk Woods, Roscoe Ates, Harry King and Arlina and The Monocled Ambassadors

August 8

Screen: ” Bullets for O’Hara ” starring Roger Pryor and Anthony Quinn ( 27 cents til 5 PM 36 to 45 cents after 5 )

Stage: The Clyde McCoy Orchestra with The Bennett Sisters, Dick Lee, The Rigoletto Brothers, The Aimee Sisters, Keaton & Arnfield and Sylvia & Clemence

August 14

Charles M. Olson sells Lyric Theatre to Indiana – Circle Theatre operators click to see newspaper article here is another article

August 15

Screen: ” This Way Please ” starring Fibber McGee & Mollie and Betty Grable

Fibber McGee & Mollie

Fibber McGee & Mollie

Stage: Shirley Deane, Ted Leary, Ray Vaughn, The Skate-O-Maniacs and The Banfields

August 22

Screen: ” Ice Capades ” starring Jerry Colonna and Vera Vague

Stage: Jan Garger, Lee Bennett, Gale Robbins, Fritz Heilbron, Nerman Hyde, The Whitson Brothers, Lloyd & Willies

August 29

Screen: ” 3 Sons O’ Guns ” starring Wayne Morris and Irene Rich

Stage: The Del Courtney Orchestra featuring Joe Martin, Dick Dildine, The Three Dells, Jack Milton, Bob Moonan, Frank Evers and Delores, The Sladlers and Zed and Art Miller

September 5

Screen: ” Dive Bomber ” starring Errol Flynn and Fred Mac Murry extra ” March of Time Series ” Peace by Adolf Hitler “

September 12

Screen: ” Manpower ” starring Edward G. Robinson and ” Bachelor Daddy ” starring Edward Evert Harlon

September 19

Screen: ” Citizen Kane ” starring Joesph Cotton and Agnes Moorehead also ” Scattergood Baines Meets Broadway ” starring Guy Kibble

September 26

Screen: ” Sun Valley Serenade ” starring The Glen Miller orchestra, Sonya Henie and John Payne also ” Dressed to Kill ‘ starring Lloyd Nolan

October 10

Screen: ” Hold Back The Down ” starring Charles Boyer and Olivia de Havilland also ” Flying Blind ” starring Richard Arlen

October 17

Screen: ” A Yank in the RAF ” starring Tyrone Powers and Betty Grable also ” Charlie Chan in RIO “

October 31

Screen: ” Nothing But The Truth ” starring Bob Hope and Paulette Goodard also ” Buy Me That Town “

November 7

Screen: ” Sergeant York ” starring Gary Cooper and Walter Brennan

November 14

Screen: ” Week-End in Havana ” starring Alice Faye and John Payne also ” Man At Large ” starring Marjorie Weaver

November 21

Screen: ” International Squadron ” starring Ronald Regan also ” Father Tales A Walk ” starring Gloria Swanson

November 27

Screen: ” Keep Em Flying ” starring Abbott and Costello also ” Mob Town ” starring The Dead End Kids

December 5

Screen: ” Birth Of The Blues ” starring Bing Crosby and Brian Donlevy also ” Among The Living “

December 18

Screen: ” Look Who’s Laughing ” starring Fibber Mc Gee and Mollie also ” The Gay Falcon “

December 25

Screen: ” Badlands of Dakota ” starring Robert Stack and Ann Rutherford also ” This Woman Is Mine ” starring Franchot Tone